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Our values



The family spirit takes centre stage at TRBA. Michèle and Pierre Stadsbader bring together employees who are passionate about their work. Every employee feels they belong to this family and contribute to the development of the company. This enables us to always go further, hand in hand.

Team spirit

Team spirit is a real driving force for all of us. We set ourselves ambitious goals. An example? In 2019 we climbed Mont Ventoux. No matter which goals we set, we always join forces to achieve them together, each contributing their own skills and expertise. At TRBA, our motto is strength in numbers.



The safety of our employees is our top priority. Safety always takes centre stage, and we always aim to do better. Our ambitious goal is to create a ‘zero-accident’ environment as quickly as possible. The training of our staff begins with a ‘safety induction’ day. Subsequently, we continue to provide training, both in-house and through recognised centres. We are currently aiming for ISO45001 certification, which is among the most demanding certifications in the construction sector.

Respect for the environment

Our Research & Development department develops techniques to minimise the use of new natural resources by favouring the processing of reusable materials available on site. We are aware that the construction sector should be a major player in the ecological transition, and we are doing our utmost to meet this expectation for future generations.



In 2018, TRBA launched the ‘We want to be the best’ challenge, encouraging every member of our staff to contribute to the company’s progress and innovations. The proof is in the pudding: the first three patents filed are all the result of an idea of an employee wanting to improve the techniques used and the efficiency levels reached on our sites.