Through the years TRBA has built up expertise that convinces customers throughout Europe.

From our headoffice in Mouscron, we can offer price quotations for all types of projects: from big, small, very simple to even extremely complicated.

TRBA is growing rapidly abroad, with some interesting projects starting implementation very soon.

To support this growth abroad, the company has created a new branch 'Concrete Division' to ensure the international delivery of high quality concrete pavement.

Present throughout France

A healthy ambition to continue the international development of the company, has lead to the foundation of a division in France.

This enables TRBA to expand their field of work across the borders while still being able to monitor your construction sites very closely.

The TRBA SAS office is situated in the Industrial Zone of Douai-Dorignies, Rue Jules Gosselet 58 in 59500 Douai.

From this office we can coordinate and execute all your projects in France.

Choose quality

Contact International Business.

Let's discuss how we can make your foreign project succeed with the help of the long time TRBA-knowledge.