Just as is the case in your company, the environment is important to TRBA. The future of our planet and the quality of life for the next generations are always key. That is the drive for our permanent search for the best solution to optimally recycle available materials and waste. To offer it to you as new raw material: take advantage of our recycling!

Certified approach

The four certified TRBA recycling centres are located in Farciennes, Mouscron, Péruwelz and Douai. That is where the waste of our own jobsites goes to. Our quality control on the supply is your ultimate guarantee of high-quality raw materials. Confirmed by our CE2+ certificate (Certificate of conformity of the control during the production).

Environmentally friendly

By crushing and sieving the product immediately on the site, the environmental impact is reduced thanks to lower CO2 emissions during the transport. Add that to our specialization in ground and soil stabilization, and the circle is complete. Because from Péruwelz and other central points, we supply soil that has been stabilized with lime, hydraulic binders or cement. As a result, we recycle these products as much as possible.


TRBA recycles as much as possible and offers you a maximum reuse of various raw materials:

  • Screening of soils and lime stabilization
  • Screening and crushing of concrete or asphalt
  • Milling of asphalt
  • On site stabilisation with mobile plant


Convincing examples

Discover the details of our reference projects.

Specialised equipment

  • Screening installations
  • Asphalt milling machiness
  • 4 recycling platforms
  • Mobile stabilisation plant with screen