TRBA is a perfectly healthy company: as a result of its smart and transparent investment policy, TRBA enjoys maximum independence. That is why you are guaranteed an accurate execution of all works by competent professionals with experience. Through the fact that our company is financially sound, you can be sure that we will complete your order with the best machinery and the latest techniques.

Your TRBA service

  • Ten technicians guarantee a maximum output of all our machines and vehicles by regular and exact maintenance.
  • Minimal downtime because of the adequate solutions coming from our breakdown assistance. They are 'ready to go' with their breakdown service vehicles, operational 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  • Gaining of time by refueling our machines on the spot.
  • Smart organization for the transport of all material - small and big.
  • Provision of road signs to make each and every step of the task as safe as possible.
  • A Drive in-service centre to accelerate all construction site deliveries and changes of shift.
  •  Six surveying technicians who achieve good results through our Topografische dienst (Topographical Service)
  • A laboratory which guarantees the highest quality for the asphalt of the LEDC-plant, and a second laboratory which continuously checks upon the quality of the TRBA-concrete.