TRBA has the proper equipment to finish your earthworks down to the details. With scrapers we move tonnes of soil in a minimum of time. Our state-of-the-art machinery guarantees the correct answer for each question. We offer you the perfect solution according to your specific project requirements.

Accurate to the centimetre

TRBA continuously invests in new equipment and corresponding training for the operators.  This way, the mix between man and machine pays off optimally. Drones measure even the slightest variations on your site. They send the data directly to our GPS-controlled machines. This is how the imposed profiles within your project are realized with an accuracy to the centimetre.

Rock-solid stability

The optimization of raw materials available on-site guarantees you extra benefits. The TRBA lab determines the right mix to make your project as profitable as possible. Moreover, if we can make use of recycled raw materials, you enjoy noticeable savings.


TRBA is your specialist for earthworks:

  • Public areas and private domains;
  • Industrial and commercial areas – such as Ghislenghien 3 and Ghislenghien 4;
  • Buffer basins and flood zones.


Convincing examples

Discover the details of our reference projects.

Specialised equipment

  • 37 Hydraulic excavators as of 5 up to 85 tonnes
  • 8 Bulldozers
  • Scrapers
  • Soil stabilizer
  • On site stabilisation