TRBA is one of the leading Belgian experts in concrete road construction. We deliver you high-quality solutions with the help of state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff. As a leader, we closely follow the latest innovations in concrete technology. Mix that innovation approach with high-quality concrete from our own TRBA plants and you know right away that ‘flexibility’ and ‘sustainability’ play a crucial role in our services.

All concrete applications

TRBA is extremely proficient in the construction of concrete pavements for motorways, airports, car parks, roundabouts and cycling paths. TRBA also offers all types of surface treatments: brushed, washed, print concrete or coloured concrete. With linear elements cast on site we also realize your border stones, ditches, shock absorbers, concealed gutters and canals. TRBA’s technical department designs and creates new and complex shapes where necessary. This way, we turn classical manual work into a machine-executed strip. While the lab designs the perfect mix and guarantees that we use the right formula for each specific mild. This is your guarantee for the best return and quality.

By hand or by machine

TRBA’s very latest slip forming machines lay lanes of up to 10 meters wide. Fed by concrete from our fixed or mobile plants that are set up strategically. That shortens the transport distance and increases the quality of the delivered concrete. The vibrating beams which we designed ourselves maximize the flexibility. The application of concrete by machine or by hand in variable widths is a piece of cake for TRBA. The deployment of our adjustable pavers and vibrating beams guarantee a high-quality performance for complex projects as well.


TRBA is your construction specialist for a road infrastructure in concrete:

  • Logistic and multimodal platforms;
  • Industrial and commercial buildings;
  • Industrial areas;
  • Highways - airports;
  • National, regional and rural roads;
  • Parking areas;
  • Bicycle or pedestrian paths and sidewalks;
  • Recycling centres;


Convincing examples

Discover the details of our reference projects.

Specialized equipment

  • 6 concrete plants
  • 7 slipform pavers
  • 10 concrete mixers
  • 50 different molds
  • Sawing machines
  • Vibrating beams
  • Jointing compounds